NIVEA Blue Sails Programme

The NIVEA Blue Sails Programme is a national campaign aimed at the youngest sailors aged from 6 to 11. The goal of the Programme is to promote sailing as a form of active family recreation. The Programme is celebrating the third anniversary of its commencement and it is implemented in cooperation between the NIVEA Trade Mark and the Polish Sailing Association (PZŻ) with the National Optimist Class Association (NSKO). The whole enterprise is financed by the NIVEA Trade Mark.

Between 2002 and 2004, over 3000 children benefited from the campaign as a result of the Students' Sports Clubs' participation in the NIVEA Blue Sails Programme. The organizers presented the Clubs with financial means as well as 360 sponsor’s packages (sails, life jackets and other accesories), which enabled children to train on the Optimist boats, and participate in sailing races and sailing camps. Since the beginning of the Programme, the financial subsidies and material support for Students' Sports Clubs have exceeded PLN 3 000 000.

Within the framework of the Programme, a series of sailing picnics is organised for children and their parents. Sailing races are accompanied by family picnics, including concerts emceed by the leader of the famous 'Zejman and Garkumpel' group, Mirek 'Kowal' Kowalewski. The total number of immediate contacts during the NIVEA Blue Sails campaign each year is estimated at ca 500 000, not including a few hundred media effects which record the events. So far the Programme has included 23 open-air events all over Poland.

In 2005 the NIVEA Blue Sails Programme is co-organizing an international sports event NIVEA IODA European Sailing Championship in the Optimist class and many other sailing events. As it was in previous years, nearly 40 Students' Sports Clubs from all over the country will participate in the Programme

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